Sam Pamphilon & Alice Brine: Previews
Sam Pamphilon & Alice Brine: Previews
Monday 27th April 2020 @ The Taproom
Doors 7:00 PM - £5.00
A double preview evening from dreamboats SAM PAMPHILON and ALICE BRINE


Sam has turned 40, his marriage has failed and his brief brush with TV fame is surely over. After a period of reflection which included substance abuse, mental breakdown and physical illness Sam has decided that the sensible thing to do would be to start telling everyone about it. This a stand-up show about marriage, fatherhood and succumbing to ‘male pattern nostalgia’. A show about hope and finding the funny in the very worst of ourselves and our situations. There’s no preaching and Sam doesn’t claim to have found any answers, in fact he’s still technically screwed. Growing up happens slowly these days and the blacklight of being a parent and a husband shows us as we really are.


Choose Brinestorm. Choose to spill laundry detergent all through an Uber on the way to the airport and miss your flight because of it. Choose bluetooth speakers and 52mgs of Ritalin a day. Choose cutting your boss a spare set of house keys because you literally lose them thrice a month. Choose to drink a glass of soy sauce one time, because you just wanted to know what it would feel like. Choose terrible financial management and throwing yourself a party because you finally paid off all your parking tickets after 10 years of direct debits. Choose ADHD. Choose a different nail salon because the one on your street just got shut down for people trafficking. Choose to sometimes just have olives for dinner. Choose sending everyone you fancy embarrassing voice notes at 3am and never hearing from them again. Choose different socks every morning because you've not had a matching set since 2012. Choose to rip off the movie Trainspotting for your Edinburgh show description because you're writing it at the last minute like everything in your life. Choose jokes. Choose stories that loop around at the end of the show and impress everyone. Choose stories where I end up in the middle of a river at 3am covered in wallpaper glue. Choose Brinestorm.'


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