Comedy Auction
Comedy Auction
Sunday 19th January 2020 @ The Taproom
Doors 3:00 PM - £7.00
What is anything really worth? What is the value of anything?

With your help, this is what we will discover.

How it works:

Comedians are ‘experts’, providing unique knowledge of Lots* being sold** at auction.

Each Lot has a reserve price.

Audience members have 250ADs*** each, to bid with if persuaded.

Successful bidders can take home the Lot they won!

*Curiosities/Things/Bits/Bobs. **Once bid meets reserve. ***Auction Dollars

Lots sold in previous shows:

20yr old Yak jerky, a kazoo, an egg-cuber, Europe's smallest cheese-grater, a sombrero, a counterfeit £20 note, a Turin shroud, guitars, a Fenton hoody.

Your £7 ticket reserves a seat and gives you 250ADs (worth £10).

This weeks show features:

Thom Tuck

Alexander Bennett

Alasdair Beckett-King


There are no gigs coming up - please check back soon!