Comedy Auction
Comedy Auction
Saturday 27th April 2019 @ The Taproom
Doors 2:30 PM - £6.00
David Allison
Comedy Auction is a brand new, mostly improvised format from the producers of the award-winning and critically acclaimed show, This Is Your Trial.

What is anything really worth? Tony Law (Chief Auctioneer) and his support team of Ed Aczel (Residential Teeth, Currency and Elephant "Expert") and Joz Norris (work experience) plan to find out.

Collectible and sometimes charismatic curiosities are sold under auction.

Guest "expert" comedians explain why you should bid.

Previous sales include a knitted willy-warmer, a bust of Chairman Mao, a kazoo, an egg-cuber, Europe's smallest cheese-grater, Jim Morrison's leather trousers and Tony Law's interpretation of the Mona Lisa.

Buy tickets to reserve seats and receive your catalogue with 300 free Auction Dollars!

8 (reserve seat plus FREE catalogue and FREE 300Auction Dollars)

6 (reserve seat plus FREE catalogue and FREE 100Auction Dollars)

FREE (reserve seat plus FREE catalogue)

Door time: 2.30pm

Show Time 3pm