Olivia Lee; Losing Her Total Fucking Shit
Welcome to The Taproom in the heart of Islington.

The Taproom came on the scene as a temporary licenced premises back in 2012 serving just cask ale. We opened for 6 weeks at the current premises. Our aim was to bring quality cask ale from around London and the UK to the people of Islington. The project was a instant success, so in 2013 we decided to make it permanent.

The Stillage

We decided early on that we would like to keep the casks on display but this is easier said than done when conditioning and temperature are taken into account. After many months of design we came up with a draft plan and found a company that could build it for us. The outcome is what you see today, a temperature controlled stillage, gravity dispensing cask ale in perfect condition every time. There is less than half a pint of beer in the line between the cask and the glass.

8 x Gravity Cask Ale

7 x keg lines

Bottled beers and ciders


Laugh with Joe Jacobs & Maddie Campion
Tuesday 17th December 2019 at The Taproom »
Avoid Christmas shopping and the cold. Sit down and laugh for an hour with comedians Joe Jacobs and Maddie Campion

Praise for Joe Jacobs: 'Mike Skinner with jokes' **** (TheWeeReview.com). 'Comedy Gold' **** (BroadwayBaby.com). 'Rising star' (Time Out). 'Jew' (Jewish Chronicle)

Praise for Maddie Campion: "Very inventive and dry writer" **** (Funny Women), "fresh faced delivery and sprinkling of quirkiness" (This List), "a show like no other" (Daily Info)